Behind the lines: Now you can bet on Rob Ford’s NFL bets … how meta offers wagers on pretty much anything and everything.

This week alone, the sports betting site has released point spreads for various BCS championship matchups that remain in play, Tim Tebow’s future employment, Rob Ford’s NFL picks and  Robinson Cano’s statistics in Seattle.

Projected BCS Spreads

Florida State -10

Ohio State +10

Florida State -12.5

Auburn +12.5

Florida State  -13.5

Missouri +13.5

Ohio State -2.5

Auburn +2.5

Ohio State -3.5

Missouri +3.5

Which network will hire Tim Tebow first?

ESPN 1/2

FOX 2/1

CBS 4/1

Will Toronto Mayor Rob Ford pick over 50% against the spread in the NFL Week 14 picks that he selected on Washington DC Radio?

Yes  +150

No -200

Robinson Cano’s stats for 2014 season

Batting Average: Over/Under .310

Total Home Runs: Over/Under 27 1/2

Total RBIs: Over/Under 95 1/2