Watch a high schooler shatter the backboard on a thunderous two-handed dunk

Despite having just turned 17 years old, high schooler Isaiah Stokes is a rather large gentleman. In fact, he’s being recruited in both basketball and football as a standout at Lausanne Collegiate School in Memphis, Tennessee. And when you combine a 6-foot-8, 270-pound frame with Stokes’ leaping ability, you run the risk of basketball devastation.

That’s exactly what happened on Thursday at the Adidas Uprising basketball event in Las Vegas, where Stokes pulled off his best Shaquille O’Neal impersonation by absolutely destroying a backboard:

"BY GOD, HE BROKE THAT BACKBOARD IN HALF!" That’s what I hear in my head as Stokes shatters the glass there. Thanks, good ol’ Jim Ross! Anyway, it appears that Stokes was just fine after the incident, although he did seem to suffer a possible laceration to his hand:

With that much glass falling down around you, a few cuts and scrapes are to be expected. 

Stokes is the younger brother of Jarnell Stokes, who has appeared in 26 games combined for the Memphis Grizzlies and Miami Heat during his career. Something tells us that this performance from little bro is going to make the older Stokes quite proud.