Alabama fan explains hysterical meaning of his vanity plate

To some, vanity license plates may seem narcissistic or self-indulgent. There’s a message, and a bumper sticker just couldn’t get the job done.

That brings us to a Vine courtesy of "Bananas Foster" on Twitter, in which a proud Crimson Tide fan displays his custom plate and explains its proper pronunciation. Because at first glance, at a red light, you might pull up and just notice the "A" stylized for Alabama alongside a mash of letters that are difficult to discard on a Scrabble board.

But there’s more, and it’s hysterical. It harkens a bit to the Weird Al "Sports Song" as well. I’m going to play this Vine at least 15 more times today.

[@geauxrcrimson, h/t @thesportshernia]