Falcons fan buries ‘bad luck’ jersey after Super Bowl collapse

When something really bad happens, it's totally natural to want to bury the evidence. Why keep something around that reminds you of the really bad thing that happened?

For Atlanta Falcons fans, a really bad thing happened on Sunday, when their team blew a 28-3 lead and lost to the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Thus, everything Falcons fans were wearing during the comeback is now bad luck and must be buried. 

The fan didn't just bury his jersey, he left a message in case someone digs up the cursed relic. 

“If you have un-earthed this, you have not found anything vintage or cool,” the note says. “This shirt is bad luck…Seriously re-bury it immediately. If you are still curious and don’t believe me, Google Super Bowl 51. This shirt blew a 25 point lead. Put it back! Trust me!”

I'm not sure the Falcons' collapse was the jersey's fault but hey, do what you need to do. 


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