World Cup viewership out of this world

No, Nielsen ratings will not be referenced in this story. In this case, the viewers were literally not on Earth to see the captivating World Cup play.

NASA showed the ridiculous reach of the 2014 World Cup by posting an image of astronauts watching the matches aboard the International Space Station on Tuesday.

NASA astronauts Reid Wiseman, Steve Swanson and ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst were photographed taking a 10-minute break on the job to take in the live action. On June 13, the astronauts had sent a good luck message down to all the players and teams at the start of the tournament.

Although this was an objective gesture by the crew, there are rooting interests involved as the U.S. astronauts aboard the station and their German crewmate will see their two sides face off on June 26 at Arena Pernambuco in Recife, Brazil. Group G will have a lot of eyes and attention aimed their way that day — even those from out of this world.

This was not the first time the crew aboard the ISS has exhibited World Cup fever. Check out their pre-tournament message and other antics in the video above.