Watch a brilliant parody of Nike’s ‘Re2pect’ tribute featuring Alex Rodriguez

Everyone loves to hate Alex Rodriguez.

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Nike’s moving tribute video, "RE2PECT," for retiring pinstripes legend Derek Jeter was met with almost universal praise last week.

The clip, which has garnered almost 7 million views, showed various folks tipping their cap to the shortstop — Yankees fans, opponents, a New York City doorman, Jay-Z and many more. 

Of course, the video has nothing to do with estranged New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez, who’s serving a one-year suspension from baseball.

Only Rodriguez does tend to elicit a certain reaction from Yankees fans, Mariners fans, Rangers fan, baseball fans, attorneys wanting fees, the MLBPA, probably his mailman, and others. So Jeter and A-Rod do have that in common — the ability to stir a person to make a hand gesture.

For Rodriguez, who has three years left on his Yankees conttract, you ought to know which gesture I’m referring to, but nevertheless: THE VIDEO IS NOT SAFE FOR WORK.