Arkansas lawmakers passed an absurd, hypocritical resolution about NCAA refs

It was a busy day for the Arkansas senate, passing an amendment to a law that would prevent people from carrying guns in stadiums. Then they addressed the important business. 

Senator Keith Ingram, a Democrat from West Memphis, introduced a resolution to officially chastise the referees from Sunday’s Arkansas-North Carolina NCAA tournament game. 

The “devastating and grievous loss” left “fans trying to find the strength to carry on, children crying, grown men weeping, cows unable to produce milk, chickens ceasing to lay eggs, and lambs lying with lions.”

Ingram lays the blame at the feet of the officials, who missed a blatant charge call in the final minute. The “profoundly poor” call “aided and abetted” the Tar Heels, Ingram wrote. His resolution seeks to force the NCAA to better educate its officials, and requires a copy of his bill be sent to the NCAA’s president.

It’s pretty obvious Ingram is just joking around, but there’s still something deeply upsetting about this: 

Arkansas’s win over Seton Hall in the first round was “aided and abetted” by an even worse call

Irony is dead.

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