Angry bodybuilder slaps judge, flips tables after losing competition

What you see above is the wild scene that unfolded at a bodybuilding event over the weekend in Greece.

Gianni Magkos is the very angry, bronze-painted, speedo-wearing hulk you see assaulting a much smaller man at the beginning of the video. The victim is veteran competition judge Armando Marquez, who found himself on the receiving end of a vicious slap to the face courtesy of Magkos.

Here's another look at the mayhem:

Magkos was apparently super angry because he didn't win the overall competition, despite winning his division. Instead of taking his L like a gentleman, he protested by slapping Marquez, flipping the judges table, and reportedly even exposing himself.

Via Australia's Yahoo 7news:

Magkos sure seems like a fun guy. I'm sure none of this has anything to do with all of the “vitamins” pumping through his blood stream.


There are reports he then threw all the judges' tables and then pulled out his penis. That part of the meltdown was not shown on video.