Alabama’s A’Shawn Robinson says most people think he’s about 35 years old

Does this look like a 20-year-old to you? Alabama DL A'Shawn Robinson. 

LM Otero/AP

Alabama’s run-stuffing junior defensive lineman A’Shawn Robinson stands 6-foot-4, weighs 312 pounds and looks at least a dozen years older than his  true age.

FOX Sports’ Stewart Mandel asked Robinson’s about how his appearance belied his age at Tuesday’s Cotton Bowl Media Day:

Robinson is actually 20 years old, born on Mar. 21, 1995.  

"He’s always been big for his age," his mother Abigail told "I called him the man child."

Back in the day his mother would have to bring A’Shawn’s birth certificate to games because opposing coaches would challenge his age so frequently. Please do yourself a favor and go check out’s photo of Robinson at two months old.