7-foot-5 Tacko Fall may be the world’s tallest HS basketball player

How's the air up there? Fall has a handle on the basket. 


Tacko Fall is not your average high school basketball player. 

The junior at Liberty Christian Prep in Taveres, Fla., stands at a dizzying 7-foot-5 inches, which may just make him the world’s tallest. 

The fact that Fall stands a good head and shoulders above his opponents is a bit laughable at times, as his skyscraper height really doesn’t make it much of a contest against other high school teams: 

But the Dakar, Senegal, native says he is not just resting on his giant genes (Tacko’s also got a little brother who towers at 5-foot-9 at just 7 years of age). Fall told the Orlando Sentinel that he’s deciding between a professional basketball player and a biochemist when he … grows up: 

H/t Prep Rally