66-year-old former pitcher throws blazing fastball in first-pitch ceremony

I am not good at throwing baseballs. At BEST, I am serviceable slinging basketballs and footballs–both exceedingly more manageable objects in almost every way.

So it’s with no small appreciation that I present Choji Murata–66-year-old man, former pitcher and natural gas-slinger.

A former Nippon Profession Baseball player whose pro career started in 1968 and ended in 1990, Murata trotted out to throw a ceremonial first pitch at a recent Chipa Lotte Marines game.

Deadspin’s Tom Ley dug up footage of Murata’s pitch. The high windup, the mustard. Even a little dropping action for the ladies. Gotta let it hang for the cameras.

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Sure, he played ball for most of the Cold War’s duration, but got to give credit where it’s due. We have grown men half Churata’s age in America who can’t throw a pitch without dangering the citizenry.

Just saying.


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