The 50 best GIFs from MLB’s first half

The good, bad, ugly and really weird.

Tuesday’s All-Star Game capped the end of the first half of another Major League Baseball season filled with surprises, disappointments and hundreds of memorable moments captured in GIFs. 

Below, we at The Buzzer have culled our 50 favorite GIFs into groups, but in no particular order. That said, we do begin with the "misfortunate" section because let’s face it — it’s hard to look away from a train wreck. 

1. Carlos Gomez takes a shortcut down the dugout steps (he was fine)

2. Marlins pitcher Tom Koehler warms up his butt

3. Bartolo Colon swings, misses, loses helmet

4. Chris Sale gives up a grand slam to Mike Trout, swings off some steam

5. Ma’am, there’s a ball coming

6. Not parkour

7. Bryce Harper gives himself the closure he needs

8. Frustrated A’s fan drops easy fly ball, chucks hat and glove

9. Not even close, Johnny Cueto

10. Orioles outfielder David Lough gets tripped up by the turf monster