12 sad photos of Houston Texans fans

Remember when almost everyone picked the Houston Texans to go to the Super Bowl this year?

Yeah, that isn’t happening.

The Texans have lost 10 straight games heading into Thursday night’s must-miss showdown with the Jaguars.


We start with this poor woman, who appears to be trying to hold back tears … and her lunch.

This photo was taken AFTER Sunday’s loss to the Patriots. These fans were so disgusted with their team that they couldn’t even stand up and exit the stadium.

These fans were so saddened by their team’s performance that they couldn’t even focus on putting spaces in the right place on their sign.

This guy opted to forget about the game and just count down the hours until he had to go back to work Monday.

At first glance it appears that this guy wanted more noise. But we all know he really wanted less noise … and to be back home on his couch thinking about something else.

These guys couldn’t stop frowning.

This guy had just added up all the costs of attending the game – parking, food/booze from tailgate, tickets, nachos, ice cream – and needed a second to himself.

This guy was just glad that he didn’t paint his entire face.

These guys went to extremes to hide their true emotions.

This guy just realized he has season tickets.

Then there was this guy.

This guy realized he puts more thought into his headware than the Texans do into prepping for games.