105-year-old woman to throw first pitch at Sunday’s Padres game

Agnes McKee prepares for Sunday's ceremonial first pitch.

In honor of her milestone birthday, the San Diego Padres selected a spirited 105-year-old lady with a good sense of humor to throw out the first pitch Sunday before a game at Petco Park.

Agnes McKee of Oceanside, Calif., is ready for the pitch, even if she wasn’t ready for this birthday.

"I have no idea how I got to be this old," McKee said.

Born in 1909, she just missed the Cubs’ last World Series title in 1908.

“I am very honored to do this, it’s exciting and I hope I can get through it,” the centenarian told FOX5 San Diego. “I was really glad I got up this morning, I was afraid I wouldn’t.”

Honored as she is, McKee didn’t spare the Padres with her harsh assessment of the franchise, saying, "I haven’t been very into the Padres because they don’t ever win any games."

McKee has practiced her underhanded toss between games of bridge and bingo and her pitches look pretty darn good!

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