Ranking Steve Austin’s Stone Cold Stunners; Emma Stapleton is Fox-y

Stone Cold Steven Austin was about two things: nailing opponents with the 'Stunner' and drinking beer.

George Pimentel/WireImage

Uproxx has tackled a very important subject. They’ve ranked the seven most important stunners delivered by Stone Cold Steve Austin.

"Monday Night Raw" took a huge hit when the company pulled Jim Ross from the broadcast table. Now, as part of a commentator shakeup, Ross’ former partner Jerry "The King" Lawler is done with Raw.

You can no longer purchase Rob Gronkowski Erotica on Amazon. The book was pulled because the cover features the tight end wearing a jersey with a patch for the late Myra Kraft. The Buzzer has posted this gallery of Gronk having fun off the field to help fill the void.

Knicks fans are now sporting paper bags at games.

While that does send some sort of message, the smart thing would be to not go to the games at all, but I disgress. You also need to know that New York coach Derek Fisher doesn’t even know what to say anymore during timeouts, as proven in last night’s loss against Houston.

What will this person do if the Ducks win the National Championship?

Jimmy Kimmel had an Ohio State fan and Oregon fan face off in a College Football Playoff scavenger hunt Thursday night.

Royals pitcher Jeremy Guthrie has gotten his hands on a pair of Nike’s self-lacing sneakers from "Back to the Future II."

Australian model Emma Stapleton gets today’s Fox-y Lady honors.

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