Spencer Hawes uses Barack Obama toilet paper; Jaquie Ohh is Fox-y

Sixers center Spencer Hawes, clearly a Republican, uses Barack Obama toilet paper in his house.

When you take a Jaromir Jagr leg rub, complete with Jagr rubbing the bald head of his trainer, and make it into a GIF, the result is something that looks kind of dirty.

It shouldn’€™t surprise anyone that the Bengals don’t treat their cheerleaders well, but the rules and regulations for the squad are a bit over the top even for them.

Mets pitcher Matt Harvey seems to have recovered from his breakup with model Anne V.

This picture from the Olympics was posted to Reddit and it’s getting a lot of play in the blogosphere. Personally, I’m hesitant to make fun of this woman because this is something my technologically-challenged dad would do.

This NFC-Championship game-inspired T-shirt is well done.

Steve Nash has teamed up with Grantland to document his season, which has been a struggle for him in many ways. The result gives us a look inside an athlete’s life that we rarely see.

Via Devour.com comes this video that looks at why some people may be single on Valentine’s Day.

* Dirk Nowitizki and the Mavericks made a spoof of those "Mix CD" commercials in which they sing a bunch of pop songs.

* Albert Pujols compared Derek Jeter to Jesus.

* Here is yesterday’s Big Buzz in case you missed it.

Model Jaquie Ohh gets today’s Fox-y Lady honors thanks to this Valentine’s Day-inspired photoshoot.

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