LeBron’s drop to knees after OT win equals memes; Tigers best Astros in pregame standoff

Mr. James, you've just won a whole bunch of memes!

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”I’ve been better,” he said when asked how he was feeling. ”I play to exhaustion. I give as much as I can give, and sometimes the body just shuts down."

Cavaliers guard Matthew Dellavedova tangled up with the Hawks’ Al Horford at the end of the first half in a play that resulted in Horford’s elbow/forearm coming down on Dellavedova and an ejection. Dellavedova was involved in a similar scrap with Kyle Korver in Game 2 that resulted in a season-ending injury to Korver. Dellavedova also grappled with Taj Gibson in the Bulls series, which provoked a Gibson kick that got Gibson ejected.

Here’s what the sister of the latest Delly dance partner, Horford, had to say about the play:

But not on just any play — this one secured the final out for the Rye (Colo.) Thunderbolts in a state semifinals game.

"With everything that’s happened, it’s the highlight of my career," Letterman said of the tribute that had his face on Oriol Servia’s car. "It’s crazy it’s the Indianapolis 500. Regrettable my face, but also my name on that car. It’s just delightful."

For Tom Brady’s appeal, Roger Goodell will pay little mind to the court of public opinion, but here they are, gathering for Brady.

U.S. Army Major Steve Reich was a pitcher in the Orioles organization when he was called back into active duty. He was a commander of the Operation Red Wings counterinsurgent rescue mission in Afghanistan in 2005, when he was killed in action. That operation that also involved Navy Seals was depicted in the 2013 movie "Lone Survivor." On Memorial Day, watch this video that pays tribute to Reich.

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Letterman’s IndyCar team paid tribute to the former "Late Show" host by putting a caricature of his face and (hash)thanksdave on driver Oriol Servia’s yellow car for Sunday’s race. (AP Photo/Dan Gelston)