Kevin Love-Kyrie Irving handshake clarification; Iryna Ivanova is Fox-y

The Cavaliers want you to know that the Kevin Love-Kyrie Irving celebratory handshake that made all the blogs did not include a joint smoking gesture. The team issued this statement last night: "To clarify, they are quickly sharpening the end of an imaginary mustache at the end of their exchange with each other. It has nothing to do with smoking a joint as some blogs (and even some mainstream folks now) are suggesting/reporting."

That’s all it will cost for you to get the domain from its owners.

During this week’s taping of "Smackdown" in Liverpool, the live crowd was not up to Vince McMahon’s standards. So, the owner of the WWE came out from the back and ripped the audience for their lack of enthusiasm.

We have proof. Check out this gallery featuring the coach’s happiest moments.

So deep.

Auburn and Georgia will play for much more than a win on Saturday. Waffle House will give people in the winning city free waffles, hash browns and coffee for a day.

Daniel Tosh not only accused ESPN of stealing his "Web Redemption" bit on last night’s "Tosh.0," but he also eviscerated the entire network.

Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith wants the Carolina Panthers to know that he’ll be using part of the $5 million buyout they gave him for his upcoming bye week vacation.

Model Iryna Ivanova gets today’s Fox-y Lady honors.

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