Bieber tries to influence NBA All-Star vote; Jessa Hinton is Fox-y

Justin Bieber is trying to support a fellow Canadian.

Jerod Harris/Getty Images

The Seahawks fan who caught the ball Jermaine Kearse threw into the stands after he scored the game-winning touchdown in overtime against the Packers on Sunday has apparently turned down $20,000 for the piece of memorabilia.

Tom Brady is here to help.

The Pats tight end has the answer when it comes to "Deflategate".

When Julian Edelman met with the media on Monday, he was wearing a shirt that featured Tupac flipping a double bird. This was great because of Edelman’s reaction when he realized he was on camera wearing the naughty shirt. Watch as he scrambles to put on a jacket.

DeAndre Jordan got dunked on by his own teammate last night. Spencer Hawes was determined to get his two points and had no regard for Jordan, who took things in stride, while getting ribbed by Blake Griffin, too.

Former Dallas Cowboys defensive end Marcus Spears had one of the best autocorrect disasters you’ll ever see this morning.

The Super Bowl line has already swung in a big way thanks to the vast majority of bets coming in on New England.

Model Jessa Hinton gets today’s Fox-y Lady honors.

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