Jay Z asked David Wells about bloody sock; Olivia Paladin is Fox-y

Lions wide receiver Golden Tate would like everyone to know that he did not have relations with Russell Wilson’s ex-wife.

An artist/Mets fan made a dress out of more than 130 baseballs.

My Buzzer colleague, Andy Nesbitt, wasted no time asking important questions when he interviewed UFC’s Ronda Rousey yesterday.

The Sharks and Kings will play at Levi’s Stadium on Saturday as part of the NHL’s Stadium Series. There is a webcam set up at the stadium to monitor the building of the rink. However, coverage was interrupted yesterday.

Daniel Tosh went on a painfully stupid diatribe against the Patriots on the latest episode of "Tosh.0."

Dodgers pitcher Brett Anderson had a fun start to his day.

An artist has redesigned every NFL team’s helmet and the results are outstanding.

Model Olivia Paladin gets today’s Fox-y Lady honors.

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