Don’t mess with Bill Belichick; Megan Haley is Fox-y

Bill Belichick has a history of throwing verbal daggers.

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Most people don’t think Bill Belichick says much to the media. However, when an opponent does some trash talking, the Patriots coach knows just how to respond. has a roundup of all the times Belichick has verbally torched opposing players who opened their mouths.

Here are 15 things you’re inevitably going to hear during Thanksgiving football.

In his never-ending quest for attention, Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman performed for the media yesterday while trashing Roger Goodell and the NFL for some of their absurd policies.

Redskins players found out the team was benching Robert Griffin III and starting Colt McCoy via the media.

Nick Young talks about how making Iggy Azalea his "WCW" (Woman Crush Wednesday) led to the two of them becoming a couple.

Even though Ohio State is a 21-point favorite against Michigan this Saturday, people are still getting rid of any "M" that appears on the Buckeyes’ campus.

Aaron Rodgers wants everyone to know that he drinks Grape Crush (with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich) after every game. He was not taking a shot at the Vikings after the Packers’ win against Minnesota last week.

Rolling Stone has ranked the 30 best "30 for 30" films.

Megan Haley gets today’s Fox-y Lady honors.

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