Barry Bonds turns 50 years old; Emily Chave is Fox-y

Barry Bonds turns 50 years old today. No matter what you feel about Bonds (personally, he’s the best player I’ve ever seen), we can all agree that this vintage clip (via @Petrovic4ever) in which he gets cursed out by his former manager, Jim Leyland, is highly enjoyable.

Saints tight end Jimmy Graham may have just signed a $40-million extension, but his training camp bedroom is far from luxurious

At least that’s the conclusion one can come to after watching the Texans rookie play a game that tests his sports/pop culture knowledge.

Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles agreed to a new four-year deal yesterday. Prior to that, speculation was running rampant that Charles was holding out, but he explained his tardiness.

Free-agent linebacker James Harrison, in perhaps at attempt to show NFL teams that he is still shape, posted this photo on Instagram Thursday morning.

Biz Markie threw out the first pitch before Wednesday night’s Astros-A’s game in Oakland.

I have to be honest, I never knew "National Anthem Standoff" was a thing that baseball players do, but apparently it’s a tradition. One of these standoffs took place Wednesday between Nationals pitcher Aaron Barrett and Rockies outfielder Brandon Barnes.

Things have gotten downright nasty between Dean Cain and Matt Leinart.

Check out what happened when Jeff Francoeur’s minor league teammates locked him in a bathroom.

Model Emily Chave gets today’s Fox-y Lady honors.

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