Klitschko, Schwarzenegger trade poses

Usually when we’re talking about topless photos ending up

on Twitter, there’s a degree of lasciviousness — or at

least utter embarrassment — involved.

But in the case of Wladimir Klitschko and Arnold Schwarzenegger,

it’s just kind of weird.

It all started on Thursday, when the Ukrainian heavyweight boxer

Klitschko tweeted a picture of himself posing as Schwarzenegger

next to a photo of Arnold in his younger, Mr. Universe days. In the

tweet, the 37-year-old Klitschko writes, “Trying to catch u

since I’m 12.”

Not to be outdone, Schwarzenegger responded Sunday with a

shirtless, muscle-bound picture of his own, next to a Klitschko

promo poster. At 66, the former California governor isn’t Mr.

Universe anymore, but I’ve got to say, he looks better than

I’d have expected:

Klitschko’s next fight is Oct. 5 against Alexander Povetkin in

Moscow. Schwarzenegger is currently busy filming the Expendables 3.

But it’s good to see they’re finding time to begin a


It seems Klitschko has a fan in the Governator, and it appears

the feeling is mutual. And if we know anything about

Schwarzenegger, it’s that being his buddy is certainly

preferable to pissing him off (

NSFW language):

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