UFC boss curses out female reporter in tirade

UFC president Dana White went on a profanity-laced tirade and used an anti-gay slur while rebutting an online story by a female reporter that was unflattering to his organization.

White’s big tirade

Dana White

Video: Dana White had some choice words for a female MMA reporter about a recent story. See the expletive-laden rant.

Bleep show: Dana White’s online rant has UFC back in the mainstream spotlight. But his behavior could spell doom for the sport, Alex Marvez says.

White’s remarks were contained in a video blog in which he assailed Loretta Hunt for a story posted Wednesday on Sherdog.com. Hunt reported that some managers and agents were being given less locker room access to fighters at UFC events.

White assailed Hunt and an anonymous source she cited in the story. White referred to her as a “(expletive) dumb b****” and to the source with an anti-gay epithet.

“Hey Loretta, if you’re going to write a story, you (expletive) moron, at least make sure it’s (expletive) true and you have some facts,” he says in the video. “And if you’re going to put some (expletive) quotes in there, get some quotes from some people who at least have the (expletive) (courage) to put their (expletive) name on it.”

The video is no longer available on the UFC site, but a copy of the three-minute, nine-second segment was posted to YouTube.com. In it, White utters around 40 obscenities while attacking Hunt’s reporting.

“I don’t take it personally,” Hunt said when reached Thursday by FOXSports.com’s Alex Marvez. “Whenever a journalist does a story, there’s a chance the subject is not going to like it.”

UFC spokesperson Jennifer Wenk had no comment on the situation when reached via e-mail.

Hunt’s story said Zuffa, the company that operates UFC and WEC events, has notified some managers and agents that they will no longer receive credentials to sit with their fighters backstage on fight night.

In the video, White adamantly denied the allegation, saying that it “has always been the policy at the UFC that the fighters get so many credentials” to use for whomever they choose at the fights.

Hunt told FOXSports.com she made “every attempt to reach Zuffa” before writing the story.

“I clearly stated to them what the article would be about but they didn’t respond. I did my best trying to present both sides of the story.”

Hunt’s story also speculated that the policy change could be part of a campaign to put a wedge between fighters and their business agents.

“They’re divisively trying to split management and fighters,” an anonymous representative was quoted as saying in the story. “They’re trying to de-power the managers and agents to create a wedge between them.”

Web and wild

Kobe Bryant

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White — a former manager for UFC fighters Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz — downplayed the significance of any such suggestion, saying in the video, “What the (expletive) do I need to be in the back for if I’m (a) manager?”

Despite the strong reaction from White, Hunt told FOXSports.com she is standing by the story.

“It’s accurate,” Hunt said. “I’m not going to deny he made a personal attack against me and my credibility. But more than anything, I think it’s an attempt to create a distraction from the story I wrote.”

FOXSports.com MMA writer Alex Marvez contributed to this report.