Sylvester Stallone shares ‘very rare’ photos from Rocky IV set


It was 30 years ago that Rocky Balboa went to Russia, trained like a madman and somehow defeated Soviet killing machine Ivan Drago in a fight for the ages.

It was an epic piece of filmmaking and on Monday night, director/writer/star of “Rocky IV” — Sylvester Stallone — shared a couple of rare photos from the set of the movie, including one he hadn't even seen before.

Hey, you can never go wrong with more “Rocky IV” in your life.

To that end, here's the glorious training montage from the movie… just try not to watch it.

Runner up on a training montage awesomeness is the one from “Rocky II,” as interpreted by Baby Balboa.


Very rare photo… Never saw this before today. Always a pleasure being Smashed by Dolph…aka DRAGO

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Of all the movie fights I've had this guy was by far the most powerful… Trust me on that.

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Sometimes I really miss the process of directing

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