Report: Boxer sent home after dropping pants

Australia’s best amateur boxer was sent home early from the Delhi Commonwealth Games after an alleged indiscretion in front of an official, The (Sydney) Sunday Telegraph reported.

Gold medal favorite Damien Hooper, 18, who competed in the middleweight division but lost in the quarterfinals, was sent back to Australia a week early over the incident, a senior boxing official confirmed.

It is understood Hooper will challenge any penalty issued over the incident.

Boxing Queensland’s Allen Nicolson said it would be a shame if the incident tarnished a promising career.

"Perhaps he did step out of line in some way … but it was a little mistake," Nicolson said. "Kids do all that — dropping their daks [pants] — but because it’s India, it’s considered trouble."

"He could have been going to the loo. At 18, he’s not exactly a dirty old man. Damien, don’t worry about it. You won’t go to prison for it."

In separate act of bad behavior, an Australian athlete was accused of hurling a washing machine over an eighth-floor balcony in the athletes’ village during the early hours of Friday.

No one was hurt in the incident, alleged to have occurred about 4 a.m. during a large party attended by athletes from several nations.

Athletes returning to Sydney Saturday said a female wrestler had been responsible but Wrestling Australia president John Saul said all members of Australia’s wrestling team had been asleep at the time.