Q&A: Antonio Margarito

Antonio Margarito took some time out from his preparation for his fight Saturday night against Manny Pacquiao (HBO pay-per-view) to talk about his training with Robert Garcia, his best attributes as a fighter and why he plans to beat Pacquiao at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas.

FOXSports.com: What does the week leading up to the fight look like for you?

Margarito: Everything’s been great. I’m just anxious looking forward to the fight. But everything’s been great.

FOXSports.com: What have been the biggest differences in training since joining up with Robert?

Margarito: For the amount of time we’ve been together, we’ve been working real, real well together. I’ve adapted to him, he’s adapted to me. He’s been looking at details as far as errors that I’ve had, and he’s been making me aware of them so I can not make them during the fight.

FOXSports.com: What’s different about you as a fighter now?

Margarito: I really like that Robert’s fixed my errors and on Saturday night you’re going to see a new Margarito out there.

FOXSports.com: What are some of the errors that he’s fixed?

Margarito: Mostly the defense.

FOXSports.com: What do you think you do best as a fighter?

Margarito: Everyone knows about my uppercut. I also believe my uppercut is one of my best skills. But one of the other skills I have is just the constant pressure I put on fighters.

FOXSports.com: Why will that be a key in defeating Manny Pacquiao?

Margarito: I definitely feel that will be a big key, pushing Manny Pacquiao back. If you’ve seen Manny Pacquiao’s fights in the past, he’s the one fighting his fights, pushing fighters forward. But in this case, I have to push him back, throw a lot of punches and take him out of his fight and make him fight my fight.

FOXSports.com: What are the things Pacquiao does well that you have to be concerned about?

Margarito: Manny punches from different angles and what I need to do is be ready for that, have my hands up. At times I have to be defensive. I have to just work off his speed and throw punches.

FOXSports.com: What have you seen in Pacquiao’s fights that makes you believe you will beat him?

Margarito: What I’ve seen, and what I like from Manny, is that he likes to come forward and throw punches. That’s my style of fighting. If he gets in an exchange with me, I believe, with my height and distance, I’ll be able to overcome him and be able to land my punches. I’ve also seen him jump a lot. He jumps a lot and it’s kind of awkward for the opponents. I think I’m going to take advantage of him jumping around a lot I think that’s a good time for me to also unload on him.

FOXSports.com: You’ve said this fight could serve as a redemption of sorts for you. Does that make you more dangerous as a fighter?

Margarito: Definitely, definitely. Also, because of the magnitude of the fight, everybody knows Manny Pacquiao is the best out there, the pound-for-pound champion, the people’s champion. I believe this is an opportunity for me to take that title away from him by beating him.

FOXSports.com: What will it be like for you fighting in such a huge place like Cowboys Stadium?

Margarito: I’m extremely happy to be fighting in a huge arena like this. I’m looking forward to the thousands of people who will be attending this fight, especially my people, the Mexican people, that I know will be going there to support me.

FOXSports.com: How will the fight with Pacquiao end?

Margarito: I feel very prepared, very strong, enough to knock out Manny Pacquiao.