Pacquiao files suit against Mayweathers

Manny Pacquiao upped the ante Wednesday in his standoff with

Floyd Mayweather Jr. by filing a lawsuit alleging that Mayweather

and others defamed him by falsely accusing Pacquiao of using

performance-enhancing drugs.

The suit filed in federal court in Las Vegas further complicates

efforts to reach an agreement for a proposed March 13 fight between

the two boxers.

The suit asks for damages in excess of $75,000 and names

Mayweather, his father, Floyd Sr., and uncle Roger Mayweather as

defendants. Also named are Oscar De La Hoya and Richard Schaefer,

who operate Golden Boy Promotions and are promoting Mayweather.

The lawsuit comes as last ditch talks are still ongoing to

salvage the fight, which has been derailed by demands from

Mayweather’s camp for random blood testing of the two fighters.