Nevada suspends Chavez Jr. for failed drug test

The Nevada State Athletic Commission has temporarily suspended

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. after the former middleweight champion

failed a drug test.

The commission made the standard procedural move Tuesday. Chavez

tested positive for marijuana use last month.

Commission executive Keith Kizer said Chavez will have a

disciplinary hearing within the next two months. Chavez could

receive a lengthy suspension or a significant fine on his $3

million purse.

Chavez’s failed test was revealed shortly after his dramatic

loss to Sergio Martinez on Sept. 15. Chavez already was fined

$20,000 and suspended indefinitely by the WBC, whose belt he lost

to Martinez.

Chavez tested positive for another banned substance after his

fight with Troy Rowland in Las Vegas in November 2009, receiving a

seven-month suspension from the Nevada commission.