Tyson to appear in ‘The Ultimate Fighter’

Mike Tyson is making a visit to the UFC’s octagon for an

up-close look at mixed martial arts.

Tyson will appear Wednesday night on an episode of “The Ultimate

Fighter,” the UFC’s popular reality show on Spike TV.

The former heavyweight champion spoke with show coaches Georges

St. Pierre and Josh Koscheck while checking out the UFC’s gym and

training techniques.

Tyson is a longtime MMA fan with strong opinions on the sport.

In an interview with The Associated Press, he criticizes former

boxing champion James Toney for being unprepared for his fight with

Randy Couture in late August, but also says a boxer could thrive in

MMA with the proper training.

That boxer won’t be Tyson, however. The 44-year-old has no plans

to fight again in either sport.