Tyson takes part in Sheen roast

The name Charlie Sheen evokes images of porn stars, briefcases full of cocaine and all-round bad behavior — a life that boxer-turned-actor Mike Tyson claims mirrors his own, FOXNews.com reported Friday.

"I don’t envy anything about his life, my life is pretty much parallel to his," Tyson said before the taping of Comedy Central’s "Charlie Sheen Roasting" in Los Angeles on Sunday.

Tyson was among those who poked fun at the former "Two and a Half Men" star at the joke fest, which will broadcast Sept.19.

Tyson’s own wild ways are soon set to become small screen fodder as he is teamed up to co-produce an HBO-scripted drama about a young boxer growing up in New Jersey, loosely based on Tyson’s tumultuous life.

"The show is going to be all about me … following me around as a kid, going to the gym, getting into trouble, getting people pregnant, unwed mothers, all that (expletive), having babies out of wedlock all the (expletive) time, getting up to stuff before fights, all that stuff," he continued.

But in the present-day Tyson household, only girly viewing is allowed.

"My wife makes me watch all that ‘Housewives’ and ‘Kardashians’ BS. I have to watch the Kardashians, my wife will kill me if I don’t," he explained.

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