Mike Tyson gives a blow-by-blow recap of his hoverboard fail

Iron Mike wasn’t very light on his feet when he took his first spin on a hoverboard shortly after Christmas.

The former heavyweight champ, who was unanimously down for the count after riding the popular motorized contraption, sat down with Andy Nesbitt of @TheBuzzer to reveal why he hopped on the hoverboard in the first place … and then detail the aftermath.

"I’m trying to show my little kid that daddy can [ride a hoverboard] too," Tyson said.

But as Tyson sees the footage again, all he can say is "Oh god."

And for good reason. Remember this?

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Tyson went to the hospital three days later and revealed he wasn’t the only person who had a hoverboard mishap.

"When I went down to the hospital, there were other people down there that had hurt themselves from hoverboards, too," Tyson said.