Mike Tyson fights ‘Punch-Out!!’ Mike Tyson on ‘Tonight Show’ — and loses

The only person who could beat Mike Tyson is ... well ... Mike Tyson.


Sometimes, your biggest competitor is yourself. 

Mike Tyson found this out when Jimmy Fallon challenged the former boxing champ to fight against his "Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!" self on "The Tonight Show" on Wednesday. 

The intimidation factor was stacked against real Iron Mike even before the battle began, as Tyson was clearly awestruck that the late-night host even had a copy of this much-loved classic Nintendo game. 

"They still sell that?!" Tyson asked. 

Never mind the fact that the former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world wasn’t sure he was up for the challenge of battling his younger Nintendo self. 

"Oh, I’d get killed, man," Tyson immediately answered. "He beats everybody." 

"Mike Tyson is the best," Fallon responded diplomatically. "But the only person who could beat Mike Tyson is … Mike Tyson." 

Tyson took a moment to think about this before relenting: "You got something there," the boxer reasoned. 

Turned out the 48-year-old should have trusted his instincts, as the former boxer was no match for his heavily pixelated self. The real Tyson got in a couple of jabs as "Little Mac on the attack" and lasted about a minute in the ring before towering Nintendo Iron Mike reduced him to smithereens.  

Watch as Iron sharpens Iron (and witness Tyson’s priceless crestfallen looks) in the meta battle below: 

It wasn’t Tyson’s first foray with the game. He took on Glass Joe on FOX Sports Live in August:

And while we’re on the subject, let’s revisit this aca-mazing rendition of the "Punch-Out!!" theme: 

As Fallon said, either way it was a win-win. 

(H/t to Kotaku, and to FTW for the reminder about the a cappella theme song)