Cotto: Accuracy key vs. Mayweather

As he prepares to take on Floyd Mayweather on May 5, Miguel Cotto will share some of his thoughts with us.

In the second installment, Cotto discusses his training regimen and the importance of accurate punches against Mayweather.

Question: How are you preparing for this fight? Is there any one aspect of Mayweather’s game that concerns you most or that you have focused on more than any other during training?

Miguel Cotto: I’m training really hard for this fight. I am motivated and focused to have a great performance on May 5. I know his style and his game and what he is capable to do for the win, but my trainer, Pedro L. Díaz, has the perfect game plan to defeat Floyd. With that, we will have a great overwhelming victory on May 5.

I am performing better than ever in training, strengthening all areas of my game plan and working extremely hard. I know how to make my opponent open to body shots. I’m an aggressive fighter. That’s my style, and that’s what puts me in a good position.

Preparing is following up on these things that I already know and delivering each and every move with sharp accuracy. Accuracy is essential; I can’t stress that enough. I’m a left-handed fighter, and I know how to use that to my advantage. Look at my fight with (Shane) Mosley. I know how to land anything I throw, which is key. A powerful defense doesn’t faze me because I know how to consistently crack it. It’s about movement and mental strategy.

Training and prepping has been about stressing that exact idea and, then again, following through. I am quick on my feet and will be able to anticipate whatever is thrown at me. You will definitely see an evolved Miguel Cotto out there. I know you’ll see some moves out of me that are familiar, but stronger and more on point than ever before.

I know I’m going against a strong defensive fighter who doesn’t consider losing an option. I know it will be tough. But based on where I am right know and where I know I will be on May 5, I can say, without doubt, that I will prove to the world that I am the better fighter.