Pacquiao bought P. Diddy’s old house for $12.5M and fight tickets

Manny Pacquiao is currently preparing for the biggest fight of his career, but that isn’t the only thing the 36-year-old Filipino has going on in his life at the moment.

Pacquiao also just purchased a home in Beverly Hills, and doing so before his fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr. may have helped him secure the impressive piece of real estate.

Pacquiao was reportedly involved in a bidding war with two other prospective buyers to purchase a home that was once owned by P. Diddy. Pacquiao’s final offer was $12.5 million, but he believes tossing in four tickets to the big fight on May 2 helped seal the deal.

"No doubt it helped," Elsa Nelson, Pacquiao’s real estate agent, told USA TODAY Sports. "The sellers are great fans of boxing and of Manny, so it was a big deal."

As for whether or not Pacquiao has created a distraction in his life by purchasing a home roughly one month before the big fight, the WBO welterweight champion said staying busy helps him remain focused.

"It is busy," he said. "But I like busy. It is good for me to have energy."

Had Pacquiao waited until after the fight, he would have lost an important negotiating chip. Just as this Las Vegas strip club upped the stakes for the bout, so did Pacquiao in the Beverly Hills real estate market.

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