Pacquiao hoping for hit with single

Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao was hoping Friday to deliver a big hit ahead of his WBO title fight against the American Shane Mosley in Las Vegas next month with the release of his first single.

Pacquiao recorded the 1970s hit "Sometimes When We Touch" with the song’s creator, the Canadian singer Dan Hill, and was preparing for their debut on national television, the Asian Journal reported.

It was the welterweight’s performance of the song on "The Jimmy Kimmel Show" last November that sparked the unlikely union, with an impressed Hill calling on his agent to set up a meeting.

"He did such an amazing job," Hill said, describing Pacquiao’s delivery as "sincere" and "honest."

The pair was set to return to "The Jimmy Kimmel Show" together to unveil the song next week, while the process of the men’s collaboration was also set to be released as a documentary.

"It would show Manny and I getting to know each other, talking about each other and us singing the song," Hill explained. "I’m a huge fan of Manny’s, not just the boxer — obviously he is an amazing boxer — but even more so as a human being."

Pacquiao, who was training in Los Angeles ahead of the Mosley fight, returned the compliment during the song’s filming, telling the cameras, "I’m nervous, but I’m happy. He is my idol."