Cerrone tops Ratcliff at WEC 45

After dropping a unanimous decision loss in an interim lightweight

title fight at WEC 43, Donald Cerrone came back strong with a

submission victory over Ed Ratcliff at WEC 45 on Saturday night in

Las Vegas.

The first two rounds featured several nice combinations from

each fighter, and some not-so-pretty knees to the groin of

Ratcliff, courtesy of Cerrone. Cerrone did manage to control the

early portion of the bout as well.

He seemed to be on cruise-control the first two rounds, but

really turned it on in the third after being penalized two points

by referee Herb Dean after several violations of the rules.

Cerrone managed to control Ratcliff on the ground, throwing

on strange submission attempts after taking his opponent’s

back. The fight went back to the feet, but was quickly sent back to

the floor where Cerrone locked in a rear-naked choke to finish the


In another lightweight bout, IFL standout Chris Horodecki

lost his WEC debut to Anthony Njokuani.

Horodecki struggled with the length and size of Njokuani and

was unable to effectively get inside to utilize his boxing.

Horodecki did not seem frustrated and seemed to be calm as

the two engaged in another exchange.

Horodecki broke away from the small scuffle and turned his

back to Njokuani. The error cost him as he was floored by a big

kick. Njokunai moved in for the kill and finished off his prey when

Steve Mazagatti decided he had taken enough damage.

Earlier, Joseph Benavidez defeated jiujitsu ace Rani Yahya by


Following some small exchanges, Benavidez caught Yahya

square, sending him to the ground. Benavidez dove into

Yahya’s guard and continued the onslaught, leading to a

stoppage early in the first round.

The only bantamweight bout on the main card was a war between

Takeya Mizuagaki and Scott Jorgensen. Each fighter entered the bout

coming off big wins, but Jorgensen was the only one to continue

that streak.

Jorgensen dominated most of the bout to walk away with a

unanimous decision victory and take another step toward the title

shot he has long wanted.