Daily Buzz: Would Money welch?

Before I say anything else, let me remind you that Floyd Mayweather Jr. made more money last year than any other American athlete, taking home a reported $85 million according to Sports Illustrated.

Even by Forbes’ conservative estimate, the world’s top boxer made $34 million in 2012 without the benefit of a single endorsement. And when he fights Canelo Alvarez this weekend, Mayweather will add at least another $41.5 million to his already-lush bank account.

All of that is to say that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is neither a man who frets about money, nor a man who is shy about spending it.

So it comes as something of a surprise that he is reportedly being sued to the tune of $80,000 by a company called White Glove International, which claims Mayweather still hasn’t paid them for tickets to Game 7 of the NBA Finals this June.

According to TMZ, White Glove says Mayweather hired them on the day of Game 7 to purchase four tickets to the game at AmericanAirlines Arena, including three courtside seats valued at $25,000 apiece. The company claims Mayweather never paid for the seats, so now they’re suing him for the $80,000 value of the tickets, plus interest.

Now, I’m not saying Mayweather did or didn’t pay for his tickets, but given his “Money” persona, he doesn’t really seem like the type to skimp on a bill, especially one that is essentially pocket change to him.

White Glove’s $80,000 bill represents roughly 0.2 percent of Mayweather’s purse for the Alvarez fight — or about 100 bucks to a family bringing in the median annual household income of $52,100 a year.

Mayweather bets exorbitant amounts on sports — including a reported $5.9 million million on a playoff game between the Heat and Pacers — and he flies around on a private G5 jet. In a recent ESPN the Magazine feature, Mayweather showed reporter Tim Keown a bank statement that revealed a balance of $123 million in one of his checking accounts.

We’re talking about a guy who regularly boasts about being a half-billion-dollar man and wears boxer shorts just once, then throws them out.

If anything, Mayweather is the type who would brag about paying $80,000 for seats, not try to weasel out of paying for them. And given his personality and penchant for big spending, you have to assume that there’s more to the story.

I’m not so sure I buy the claim that Mayweather is 80 grand in the red to White Glove, and I’m curious to know if you believe it, either. Leave a comment down below.

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