Report: Mayweather defends nightclub antics

Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. claimed in legal documents that his notorious antics in nightclubs were "calculated promotional events" to boost his future fights, TMZ reported Thursday.

Rival fighter Manny Pacquiao complained that Mayweather was out partying when he should have been appearing at a deposition as part of a defamation lawsuit brought against him by the Filipino pound-for-pound king.

But filing a response, Mayweather’s lawyers claimed he was out working, drumming up support for his future fights. They defended his regular nightclub appearances as "not random acts of partying, but calculated promotional events designed to appeal to his fan base and maintain his public presence."

With Pacquiao fans already against Mayweather, the Las Vegas-based fighter’s brash behavior — which includes burning money in clubs — has only served to alienate other followers of the sport.

But Mayweather, 34, said his outlandish partying was part of his "Money" alter ego, which will bring in a bigger box office upon his return to the ring in September against WBC welterweight titleholder Victor Ortiz and, potentially, the long-awaited future matchup with Pacquiao.

"If even those who dislike him are willing to pay for the privilege of watching the fight, he is more profitable," the documents said.

The defamation lawsuit was filed after Mayweather and his father both publicly claimed that the record-setting Filipino champion had used performance-enhancing drugs.