Ex-WWE star-turned actor Bautista fires venom at Pacquiao over anti-gay stance

Manny Pacquiao (right) has made another public enemy, this time it's Dave Bautista.

Victor Chavez/WireImage

Manny Pacquiao’s words continue to haunt him.

The boxing icon has already faced intense public scrutiny when he tried to reason that those who engage in same-sex relationships and marriage were "worse than animals" — in addition to a deleted Instagram post that quoted a Bible verse that said homosexuals should be "put to death". Now former WWE superstar-turned-actor Dave Bautista has joined the growing list of celebrities condemning Pacquiao over his anti-gay stance.

TMZ caught up with the "Guardians of the Galaxy" star, a fellow Filipino, in Los Angeles and Bautista calmly expressed his disgust with Pacquiao’s recent comments — especially considering the actor’s mother is gay.

"My opinion on that is that he’s a f—ing idiot. My mom happens to be a lesbian, so I don’t f—ing take that s–t. I don’t think it’s funny. "If anyone called my mother an animal, I’d stick a foot in his ass. That’s his opinion, but I don’t appreciate it."

Bautista said an apology by Pacquiao, which the boxer did share on Instagram, could not make up for what’s already been said.

"You can’t go back on that one, there’s no coming back from that. "I still look up to him as a fighter. It’s just his personal views, you know, they’re just s–t. I don’t know where he’s even coming up with this garbage. It makes me respect him a lot less."

You can see Bautista’s complete reaction in the video below (WARNING: His comments are very NSFW).

Add Bautista to the list of celebrities who have come down hard against Pacquiao, including Nike (one of his sponsors), Bob Arum (his agent), Jason Collins (the NBA’s first openly gay player) and Magic Johnson (basketball Hall of Famer, whose son is gay).