Danny Garcia has his mind on greatness

Danny Garcia thinks about greatness more than your average 27-year-old. During a recent conversation with FOXSports, the super lightweight champion had some fun ranking his five all-time favorite rappers.

His list: 1. Biggie; 2. Tupac; 3. Jay;  4. Em; 5. Pun.

That’s the Notorious B.I.G, Ja-Z, Eminem, and Big Punisher, for the uninitiated.

He also has a ranking list of strictly current rappers, but we didn’t get to that. After all, there was more to talk about with Garcia, although much of that had to do with greatness, as well.

The undefeated fighter is most concerned right now with his place on the list of boxing’s top welterweights. He’s spent the past year going up in weight in search of a mega-fight.

Now he’s got one. Saturday in Los Angeles the undefeated Philly fighter takes on Robert Guerrero, live on FOX. The WBC welterweight title that Floyd Mayweather Jr. vacated when he retired last year will be up for grabs.

Garcia left the comfort of 140 pounds once again for just this type of opportunity. "Everyone knew that once Floyd retired, there would be a big hole, a big opportunity and a chance for people to step in that place," he said.

So, Garcia is stepping up, and against the long-time elite welterweight veteran Guerrero, who went the distance against Mayweather Jr. a couple years ago. In addition to the chance to step into the spotlight, Garcia also simply feels that he truly is a welterweight at this point in his development.

"As I’ve gotten older, welterweight just fit better and better. I’ve gotten stronger, and I’m not a kid anymore."

Indeed, Garcia has a long list of victories over more experienced former champion opponents, including Erik Morales, Paulie Malignaggi, Amir Khan  and Zab Judah. Guerrero appears to be pretty close to, if not still in his prime, and could very likely be a tougher test for "Swift" Garcia.

He isn’t underestimating his opponent, but days out from a bout that could very well propel Garcia into some top-five lists of his own, he still had the type of enthusiasm that only comes from confidence.

"I can’t wait to get in there and fight," he finished. "I’m ready for this, and I’m very excited to show what I can do."