Conor McGregor responds to Floyd Mayweather: “Call me C.J. Watson”

Conor McGregor has taken aim at Floyd Mayweather’s recent comments surround the hypothetical superfight between the two fighters

Conor McGregor has responded to Floyd Mayweather claiming he offered the UFC lightweight champion $15 million to accept a boxing match between the two in the most Conor McGregor way possible.

Taking to Twitter, the Irish superstar shared a cartoon picture of himself, draped in boxing championship belts, standing over a fallen Mayweather with the caption “Call me C.J. Watson.”

For those wondering, Watson is an NBA point guard currently playing for the Orland Magic who Mayweather alleged was sleeping with Jose Harris, the mother of his three children. Mayweather was later convicted of domestic abuse towards Harris in 2015 and sentenced to two months in prison.

This tweet from McGregor is just the latest chapter in a long list of jabs both he and Mayweather have taken at each other of the last 12 months.

This fight between the two initially picked up steam after Mayweather took to social media in an attempt to drum up interest in what would undoubtably be a highly profitable fight. McGregor famously responded his boxing counterpart and Showtime television network, who is partnered with Mayweather, were simply gathering up the money he required to even consider the fight.

While the two would continue to poke at each other through the media, the buzz seemed to die down earlier this year.

But following McGregor’s history making performance at UFC 205, where fans saw him earn his second UFC title with a violent fourth round knockout over Eddie Alvarez, the demand for the fight two be made only increased.

So much so, Las Vegas betting site Westgate has actually opened odds on the hypothetical boxing match.

McGregor’s knockout win over Alvarez not only made him the first fighter in UFC history to hold two belts in two different weight classes at the same time.

Mayweather has not stepped foot inside a boxing ring since his decision win over Andre Berto in September 2015.

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