British boxer tracks down Twitter tormentor

British boxer Curtis Woodhouse got so mad, he decided to track

his Twitter tormentor down.

Woodhouse, who formerly played soccer with Hull, set off to find

the Twitter user who had been abusing him via the social media site

following his English light-welterweight title loss on Friday.

Woodhouse tweeted: ”I’ll give 1,000 (pounds) to anybody who

provides me with an address and picture of this man. Knock,


The boxer apparently even showed up on the person’s street in

northern England, tweeting: ”He never came out to play so I’m

going back home. It was maybe a bit daft what I did today but

sometimes enough is enough.”

Former heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis applauded Woodhouse for

his antics, tweeting: ”Ha! I LOVE this story about

(at)woodhousecurtis paying a visit to a (hashtag)keyboardwarrior on