Pacquiao-Marquez: Fight blog

Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez

Round 6:

Both fighters come out and Marquez still looks wobbled. Manny is

pushing the pace and Manny is pushing the pace. Manny lands some

powerful left hooks but Marquez with some counters of his own.

Manny’s head fakes are setting up a lot of his strikes;

Marquez is keeping it close with counters though. Marquez is eating

a lot of punches though. At the end of the round Marquez knocks out

Pacquiao, who is OUT.

Official Result: Marquez wins by KO as the bell

can not save him.

Round 5:

Manny’s movement isn’t nearly as pronounced as it

was in the first four rounds; he’s still moving but not

nearly as fast or as often. Pacquiao is throwing much more often

now; Marquez is countering less and engaging more. Pacquiao scores

a knockdown as Marquez’s glove touches the mat and it’s

a standing eight. Big right from Marquez and Manny is wobbled but

still standing. Both guys are going toe to toe without any qualms.

Manny with a big right and Pacquiao pours it on at the end of the

fifth. Manny backs him into the corner and the two are throwing

down. Fight ends with Marquez in the corner and Pacquiao landing


Score: Pacquiao 10-8

Score So far: Pacquiao 47-46

Round 4:

Manny isn’t nearly as active throwing even with his

movement; Marquez is throwing more and throwing it more

confidently, too. Marquez is using straight rights as Pacquiao is

more cautious at this point. Marquez is working the body and making

Pacquiao come to him, setting up counters to the body. Manny with a

nice combination with 30 seconds left; he’s thrown a number

of uppercuts as well. Wild exchange to end this round as well.

Absolute war so far.

Score: Marquez 10-9

Score So far: Marquez 38-37

Round 3:

Manny comes out pumping the jab more, looking to throw big lefts

much more. He’s not moving his head as much this ground but

Marquez isn’t throwing to counter, either. His upper body

movement and feet movement are still there and he’s landing

some nice straight lefts in the opening minute. Marquez responds

with some nice body shots; he’s throwing hooks to the body

and avoiding the head with all this movement. BIG right hand from

Marquez at 1:45 in the round Manny goes down. Standing eight count.

First time Marquez has been able to do so. After the knockdown

he’s much more defensive. Round ends as they are throwing

fast and furious.

Score: 10-8 Marquez

Score So far: 28-28 Even

Round 2:

Marquez comes out more active this round as Pacquiao is pushing

a hard pace still. Pacquiao is using head movement and Marquez is a

little hesitant; he’s letting Manny throw significantly more.

The crowd is profoundly pro-Marquez. Manny connects with some great

lefts and Marquez isn’t responding. Manny’s movement is

causing Marquez to freeze a little bit; he hasn’t found his

groove to counter him but he is landing to the body in kind.

Marquez ends the round with a nice body shot.

Score: 10-9 Pacquiao

Score So far: 20-18 Pacquiao

Round 1:

Pacquiao comes out firing out of the gate and Marquez is there

with him. No feeling out, no waiting to see what happens.

Manny’s head movement is really strong as Manny works the

body early and Marquez is finding his groove on the counter.

Manny’s movement overall is much better than their fight a

year ago; he’s connecting more than he did in their prior

fight. This is a fast pace; Manny is the aggressor as Marquez is

trying to feel him out more.

Score: 10-9 Pacquiao

Yuriorkis Gamboa vs. Michael Farenas

Round 12:

The final round has more pushing, and hugging, but most

interestingly, Gamboa is finally cut over his right eye! No telling

if it came from a headbutt or punch, but we’ve got to guess

headbutt. Gamboa has put on a decent show for a boxer who spent 14

months away from the ring. Gamboa closes this fight by throwing

some nice left hooks, but does not seem to be throwing punches with

any intention of ending this fight. Understandable as he must know

the cards are in his favor. Farenas also seems resigned to the

results and this round ends with a whimper.

Score: 10-9 Gamboa, 116-110 Gamboa

Official Result: Gamboa wins via unanaimous

decision (117-109, 118-108, 117-108)

Round 11:

Early in the 11th, Gamboa is caught for pushing down Farenas,

forcing him to the mat. The ref backs off Gamboa and stands Farenas

up ruling no knockdown. Farenas is getting a bit more dodgy,

finding a way to work in more head movement, but Gamboa is still

managing to land a decent number of blows including tow stiff right

hooks that have been the most powerful punches of this round.

Gamboa has some tape dangling off the wrist of his glove, but that

will be fixed ebtween rounds.

Score: 10-9 Gamboa, 106-101 Gamboa

Round 10:

Farenas has established himself as the counter-puncher, but that

forces him to wait for Gamboa to punch first. And Gamboa has been

quite effective this evenint. Gamoba continue to pick up where he

left off before the knockdown and Farenas is not being as

successful with finding a way to stop him. No one seems to be in

danger of being knocked out and this fight will likely go the


Score: 10-9 Gamboa, 96-92 Gamboa

Round 9:

Gamboa is actually doing a better job of keeping his hands up.

He’s trying to box a little bit more and he successfully forces

Farenas into the corner. With 1:30 on the clock, Gamboa unleashes

everything he has on Farenas swinging wildly and leaving himself

quite open. Farenas counters with a straight left and BOOM, Gamboa

hits the canvas. Could this be the start of a comeback?

Score: 10-8 Farenas, 86-83 Gamboa


Round 8:

Farenas yanks Gamboa down to the canvas to open the round and

the ref is forced yet again to rule no knockdown. Gamboa stands up

and goes headhunting. He lands a few good strikes and the fight

continues. Gamboa returns to bodywork and puts a solid hurt on

Farenas’ midsection. Farenas delivers some decent straight shots

and attempt to takover the fight with a flurry targetting Gamboa on

the ropes, but Gamboa avoids most of the shots and stays in


Score: 10-9 Gamboa, 78-73 Gamboa

Round 7:

Remember how we were saying Gamboa was getting tired of this?

This is no longer a boxing match. Gamboa opens round 7 with extreme

aggression throwing 20-30 punches in the opening seconds. He

overwhelms Farenas to the point where Farenas’ knees buckle and his

glove hit the ground. That’s a knockdown folks. Farenas takes his

standing 8 and comes out trying to get a KO back. Gamboa does slip

and hit the canvas, but the ref rules no KO.

Score: 10-8 Gamboa, 68-64 Gamboa

Round 6:

Gamboa seems to be tiring of this fight. He is coming forward

more frequently and has the look in his eye that he wants to land

that KO blow. Manny Pacquiao is watching Farenas fight from his

locker room and being a countryman of Farenas can not love what he

is seeing. Farenas is beginning to look sluggish but still lands a

huge left. Gamboa keeps stalking farenas around the ring and with

his hands down eats another left. Gamboa’s bravado may be getting

him into trouble again and few significant stirke were landed by

him this round. The fight may night be in Farenas’ favor, but we

can give him this round.

Score: 10-9 Farenas, 58-55 Gamboa

Round 5:

The pace has slowed down a bit. Farenas is still looking to

damage Gamboa with hard straight punches, while Gamboa has been

picking his spots to delivers crowd-pleasing and judge-pleasing

flurries. At this point Gamboa’s activity is winning him points,

especially considering the earlier knockdown. Farenas is throwing

hard punches, but not landing enough cumulatively in the round to

earn the knockdown back or significantly slow Gamboa.

Score: 10-9 Gamboa, 49-45 Gamboa

Round 4:

Left to the body, left up the middle. Farenas is getting nasty.

Gamboa is taking these blows like a champ, but no man can suffer

these kind of blows for 12 round. Farenas is doing a better job of

defending if only becuase his bloodied eyes need protecting. Gamboa

is spending quite a bit of time fighting with his hands down at his

side and another headbutt creates a dicey situation, but Farenas

deserves to take this round.

Score: 10-9 Farenas, 39-36 Gamboa

Round 3:

Gamboa smells blood. Farenas has a cut over his eye and if we

didn’t have much blood before, after a headbutt one minute in,

Farenas is cut over both eyes. Gamboa applies more pressure forcing

Farenas against the ropes, but Farenas is aware that he may be in

trouble. He delivers 2 hard lefts tot eh body of Gamboa. Audibly

hard. Again, Gamboa reacts by attacking nailing Farenas with a hard

left. Gamboa is still dealing the most damage, even though this

fight is vastly more competitive than the last.

Score: 10-9 Gamboa, 30-26 Gamboa

Round 2:

Early in round 2, Farenas nails Gamboa with a hard left. That

hard left seemed to have flipped Gamboa’s on switch. When he was

hit, he raged forward throwing at least 8 punches back and Farenas

seeking to immediately even the score. Many of these punches

missed, but Gamboa turns the table mid rounds instigating another

flurry of body shots. Farenas clearly feels these and jabs Gamboa

away, but Gamboa launches another combination and Farenas finds

himself on the canvas as the round closes.

Score: 10-8 Gamboa, 20-17 Gamboa

Round 1:

New fight and new energy, both fighters seem like they are ready

to put on a show and Gamboa is doing his best to establish a jab.

Farenas on the other hand is lunging in trying to break bast

Gamboa’s guard. Neither man is finding too much success, but it is

early and they seem to feeling out each other quite well. A very

even round, but Gamboa may have eked it out.

Score: 10-9 Gamboa

Miguel Vazquez vs. Mercito Gesta

Round 12:

“After this, the fight will be over” is never something you want

to have announced during your fight. Vazquez is still dancing fresh

as a daisy, and Gesta… well Gesta is being Gesta. Again, he’s not

a bad boxer, but definitely being outclassed here and in no way

should be a part of this PPV right now. Vazquez has tactically

taken him apart and it will be shocking if Gesta has more than 2

rounds on anyone’s scorecard.

Score: 10-9 Vazquez, 120-108 Vazquez

Official Result: Vazquez via unanimous decision

(117-111, 119-109, 118-110)

Round 11:

A learning experience. That is what people are calling this for

Gesta. Gesta is still throwing punches but there are almost all

missing a left hook early in the round grazes Vazquez, but Vazquez

return the favor with a left that actually connects. Vazquez keeps

dodging and weaving, but it’s not needed, Gesta will not make it

back into this fight.

Score: 10-9 Vazquez, 110-99 Vazquez

Round 10:

Hey look, it’s another shot of Mitt Romney. Good for HBO on

switching this up. We needed to see something new. Hey, there’s

Magic Johnson. Not kidding folks, this has become our

entertainment. Seems like everyone is looking forward to the next

fight despite this one not being done. Vazquez still looks fresh

and Gesta is being out classed.

Score: 10-9 Vazquez, 100-90 Vazquez

Round 9:

Gesta lands his strongest punches of the fight during this

round, but you actually have the commentators making jokes saying

that when they are this silent for this long it is  because

the same thing is happening over and over again. Yes, this fight

has become a broken record and no one has suggested that has what

it takes to change that.

Score: 10-9 Vazquez, 90-81 Vazquez

Round 7 & 8:

Vazquez is sticking with the same game plan and it works for

round 7, but in round 8, Gesta seems to be showing some life

increasing his punch count at least twofold and putting Vazquez on

his heels for the first time. It may be a stretch but round 8 may

finally be where Gesta has turned the corner. That doesn’t mean

that we think Gesta is going to take this fight though, or that he

took the round. Just call it wishful thinking.

Score so far: 80-72 Vazquez

Round 6:

Vazquez is moving quickly throwing 3 adn 4 punch combinations to

keep Gesta off balance. He is varying between the head adn the

body, couasing Gesta to not know where the next punch is coming.

Gesta is throwing flurries of his own, but most of these fail to

connect and are not thrown with nearly enough power. Gesta is

showing some fighting spirit, but by no means has he turned the

tide in this fight.

Score: 10-9 Vazquez

Score so far: 60-54 Vazquez

Round 5:

5th verse, same as the first 4, Gesta does not seem comfortable

at all in the ring and now we have to severly wonder just how long

Vazquez is going to let this go. Vazquez is using this bout for

sparring practice. He’s landing punches at will, at a total of 5%

of his power punches landed through 5 rounds. That alone tells you

who is winning and will win this fight.

Score: 10-9 Vazquez

Score so far: 50-45 Vazquez

Round 4:

Gesta lands one solid right hand. Considering he is not a

knockout puncher, he should be applauded, but it makes no sense as

far as getting him back into this fight. Vazquez is dancing circles

around Gesta lands punches at will, even stringing together 4-5

punch combinations. To Vazquez’s detriment, he isn’t seeking a

knockout punch to end this. This makes sense considering Gesta is

still somewhat fresh, but if Gesta is punished soon, he may try to

pull a Hyland and sneak his way back into this fight.

Score: 10-9 Vazquez, 40-36 Vazquez

Round 3:

Gesta is on cocky fighter. As we’ve stated, Gesta is clearly

behind, but he is waving Vazquez on asking him to come in and

fight. Isn’t this supposed to be happening the other way around?

Vazquez lands a strong left cross and continues to dominate this

fight. It’s almost the same story as the Fortuna fight, but even

more obvious.

Score: 10-9 Vazquez, 30-27 Vazquez

Rounds 1 & 2:

Vazquez and Gesta have been fighting at two different speeds.

Vazquez is fighting like a sports car and Gesta is fighting like a

jalopy. Gesta’s corner is making it very clear to him that to this

point he has not showed up for this fight. That may explain him

only landing 1 punch in all of round 2. Without beleaguering the

scoreboard, let’s see if Gesta can make this more interesting come

round 3.

Score so far: 20-18 Vazquez

Javier Fortuna vs. Patrick Hyland

Round 12:

Can Hyland knock out Fortuna to win? He starts out jabbing with

his left and then brings the left down throwing a hook to Fortuna’s

body. Fortuna is being very evasive as if he has been coached to

play “keep-away”. Halfway through Fortuna decides to mount an

attack. He throws some combination to Hyland’s head before Hyland

pulls him in for a hug. Hyland tries to sneak in some gut punches

before the ref breaks them up, but with Fortuna opening up at the

end of the fight, this fight is over.

Score: 10-9 Fortuna, 117-111 Fortuna

Official Result: Fortuna wins via unanimous

decision (118-110, 116-112, 115-113)

Round 11:

Both fighters seem to have returned to their cautious ways and

the punch output in this round is way down. Fortuna’s corner seems

to have managed the cut above his eye quite well, not that it was

ever much of a bleeder. This will be the first time Fortuna ever

goes to the 12th round and barring being knocked down, we can’t

really see a way in which the final round can cost him. Hyland has

not been aggressive enough and is not fighting with any


Score: 10-9 Fortuna, 107-102 Fortuna

Round 10:

Fortuna keeps pressing the action and Hyland aggress from close

range by throwing shots at Fortuna’s body. Hyland seems to have

some pep back in his step and is dancing again. Fortuna gets over

aggressive and pulls on Hyland’s head again at which point Hyland

throws Fortuna to the canvas again. The ref notes to Fortuna that

he is the one causing this problem and that if he does it again a

point will be deducted. Hyland starts to delivers some power blows

as the round closes adn may very well have punctuated one of his

few winning rounds.

Score: 10-9 Hyland, 97-93 Fortuna

Round 9:

This fight is getting dirty, after Fortuna’s low blow on Hyland

earlier in the figh, Hyland throws Fortuna down to the canvas 1

minute into this round. Then within 30 seconds of Fortuna resuming

the fight, Hyland blasts Fortuna in the groin. Fortuna grimaces in

his corner before coming out to continue. And he’s pissed. Fortuna

takes over the fight, boxing like a mad man. Hyland stops him with

a strong hook, and Fortuna may have gotten away with a knockdown

called a slip by the ref, but Fortuna takes this round.

Score: 10-9 Fortuna, 88-83 Fortuna

Round 8:

Hyland is taking charge of this fight, mostly due to Fortuna’s

fatigue. Fortuna is still fighting cockily, hands down at his side,

but Fortuna is not dealign the same damage or throwing as many

punches as before. Hyland is landing some nice 1-2 blows to the

body, further challenging Fortuna. Could Hyland sneak all the way

back into this fight?

Score: 10-9 Hyland, 78-74 Fortuna

Round 7:

Hyland has found the No-Doz. He’s gotten some pep in his step

and is matching Fortuna’s pace. On a side note, Mitt Romney is in

the crowd, sitting by Sergio Martinez. That’s is almost as exciting

as this fight. Especially when you consider Hyland’s speed up is

really Fortuna’s slow down. Regardless after coming close last

round, this round we’ll finally give Hyland the nod.

Score: 10-9 Hyland, 69-64 Fortuna

Round 6:

Fortuna had been slowing down, but Hyland is finally forcing him

to speed up slightly. Slightly… Hyland is throwing more to

Fortuna’s body, and is even landing a few more punches than in

previous round, but when is comes down to it he is STILL not

matching Fortuna’s output. And Fortuna’s output is not that high.

If Hyland thinks Fortuna is going to spend his gas tank, he is

sorely mistaken.

Score: 10-9 Fortuna, 60-54 Fortuna

Round 5:

Let the taunting begin! Fortuna has dropped his hands below his

waist trying to draw Hyland into a brawl. Hyland for the most part

is not biting and that’s not a good thing. He’s so obviously behind

that he desperately needs to attempt some kind of an assault.

Fortuna dances along the outside of the ring, stepping in to

deliver a few punches, but he is less aggressive than previous

rounds. The punches are thrown with less steam, but Fortuna is

still landing many more than Hyland.

Score: 10-9 Fortuna, 50-45 Fortuna

Round 4:

Fortuna is still the man in the driver’s seat and he’s taking

Hyland for a ride. It’s sad to see Hyland fighting so hard to make

this a technical fight without imposing any kind of a game plan.

Fortuna’s speed is evident and he keeps spotting his shots with his

right jab and punishing Hyland with the left. Hyland is maintaining

the center of the ring, but he is grabbing and holding Hyland to

slow down the action. Fortuna still owns this.

Score: 10-9 Fortuna, 40-36 Fortuna

Round 3:

Fortuna clocks Hyland in the groin in the first 15 seconds.

Hyland takes about 40 seconds to recover and we’re back at it.

Fortuna is delivering soid tight right hooks tot he body and Hyland

is being forced to open up in order to keep pace. Fortuna is still

outpunching Hyland by at least 2-to-1. Hyland starts to establish

his jab in the later stages, but he only manages to take control

when Fortuna slows.

Score: 10-9 Fortuna, 30-27 Fortuna

Round 2:

Fortuna delivers extremely high aggression in the opening salvo

of this round. Hyland defends decently, but Fortuna seems to be

going for broke. Did his confidence increase after round 1? Hyland

delivers some very nice counter punches, but Fortuna is still

trying to turn this into more of a brawl. Fortuna is respecting

Hyland as the round draws late, and the tactical battle will

continue despite his wishes.

Score: 10-9 Fortuna, 20-18 Fortuna

Round 1:

A very slow first round with both fighters looking for range and

a possible opening. Fortuna is doing what he can to muster and

occasional attack with infrequent combinations. Hyland is being

VERY defensive and only attacks Fortuna’s body as a matter of

countering. Should this fight go 12 rounds, those body shots may

add up in the long run. The aggression peaks at the end of the

round, just as the bell sounds.

Score: 10-9 Fortuna


Manny Pacquiao (58-4-2 38 KOs) vs. Juan Manuel Marquez (54-6-1,

39 KOs)

Junior Lightweights

Yuriorkis Gamboa (21-0, 16 KOs) vs. Michael Farenas (33-3-4, 25



Miguel Vazquez (32-3, 13 KOs) vs. Mercito Gesta (26-0-1, 14



Javier Fortuna (20-0, 15 KOs) vs. Patrick Hyland (27-0, 12