Mayweather faces possible grand jury hearing

Boxing great Floyd Mayweather Jr. may face a grand jury over a

friend’s attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapons

charges in Las Vegas.

Ocie Harris, 27, described in a Las Vegas court as an

associate of Mayweather, is alleged to have shot at a man who

argued with Mayweater at a skating rink.

Harris reportedly fired on a BMW carrying Quincey Williams

and another man, Damien Bland, on August 23, 2009, after Williams

and Mayweather argued inside the Crystal Palace Skating Center. Six

bullet holes were found in the BMW and seven bullet casings were

found in the center’s parking lot, according to a police


Police allege Harris was standing next to Mayweather and

another man when the shots were fired.

Neither Williams nor Bland were wounded.

Mayweather had denied knowing Harris, but was linked to him

through witnesses, surveillance tapes and records seized after when

authorities served a search warrant at Mayweather’s home.

Harris was not asked to enter a plea in relation to the

charges during a brief appearance in a Las Vegas court, Wednesday.

Prosecutors then announced that a grand jury could be asked to hear

the evidence against Harris and possibly Mayweather before

Harris’s next court appearance, scheduled for May 17.

No charges have been laid against Mayweather, and police have

said he is not a suspect in the case.

The dispute began with an argument over a text message

Williams had sent Mayweather, wishing him bad luck in his next

fight. Mayweather allegedly threatened Williams inside the skating

center. Witnesses claim Harris was talking with Mayweather minutes

before he opened fire on the BMW containing Williams and Bland.

Mayweather, 34, is undefeated as a pro, with 40 wins, 25 by

KO. His next scheduled fight is with Shane Mosley in Las Vegas on

May 1.