Tony Thompson too eager to see wife?

It’s traditional for boxers to stay away from women while they train for a fight. (Former champion Floyd Patterson said having sex leading up to a bout would weaken his knees.) So you could understand why heavyweight Tony Thompson was eager to be with his wife after his knockout victory over David Price on Saturday.

How he expressed this passion, however, left a lot to be desired — and if intended to be a joke, is certainly no laughing matter.

Thompson told an interviewer: “Hey man, I’m going to go home and break my wife’s hip. I ain’t had sex with her in a while. She is going to feel the pain … it’s going to be some pleasure mixed in there, but she might be crippled in the morning. So if anybody out there want to donate a wheelchair to the save the Miss Thompson fund …”

At which point the interviewer mercifully cut Thompson off.

If Sydnee Thompson heard that interview, you have to wonder whether the boxer was going to be sleeping on the couch. Plus, even if she just rolled her eyes at her husband’s, uh, exuberance, the bigger issue might have been for them to get some time alone. After all, the Thompsons have seven kids.

(H/T The Big Lead)