Blog of Pacquiao’s TKO win over Cotto boxing editor Steve Bien-Aime live blogged the Manny Pacquiao-Miguel Cotto bout. Here’s a recap of Saturday’s action.

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Pacquiao comes out to “Eye of the Tiger” with a big grin on his face. Cotto looks far more measured, entering to a rap song. His face tells the story of a man who knows he’s in the biggest fight of his life.

Crowd seems to be evenly split of supporters for each fighter.

Round 1

Both fighters were pretty cautious. Cotto is landing his jab effectively and so far Pacquiao’s speed isn’t a problem for Cotto.

Pacquiao’s swarming style didn’t bother Cotto and Cotto is clearly the stronger fighter.

Round 2

Pacquiao opens up the offense, landing plenty of combinations. Cotto’s jab is still effective, but he didn’t throw enough. However, Cotto was able to handle Pacquiao’s power, walking through clean shots.

Round 3

Pacquiao continues landing combinations, and knocks Cotto down early as Cotto’s gloves touch the canvas.

But, Cotto rallies well, landing big shots on Pacquiao. I wonder if Pacquiao can continue to take Cotto’s best shots as the fight wears on.

Round 4

Cotto applies the pressure, trying to avenge the knock down. He works over Pacquiao on the ropes for much of the round.

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  • Pacquiao escapes and flurries. He lands a big left that knocks Cotto down again. This time Cotto’s whole body hits the canvas. Cotto is lucky there were less than 10 seconds left as he gets up and survives the round.

    Round 5

    Pacquiao’s movement is giving him plenty of opportunities to land. However, Cotto is still landing hard, clean shots — driving Pacquiao into the ropes as well.

    Even though Pacquiao’s ahead, there’s still a sense that one big punch can turn this around.

    Round 6

    Now Pacquiao is stalking Cotto. I can’t believe it. Pacquiao is landing power punches at will.

    Cotto just is not throwing his jab enough to keep Pacquiao off him. Late in the round Pacquiao hurts Cotto with another big left. But, Cotto flurries to end the round. Pacquiao has now taken over the fight.

    Round 7

    Cotto looks like a beaten fighter. He isn’t throwing enough and Pacquiao is landing some big shots.

    Instead of using the jab that won him the first round, Cotto is looking to counter. But, there aren’t many opportunities for good counter shots.

    Cotto isn’t even landing the hard shots he was earlier.

    Round 8

    Cotto is now being chased to the ropes. He looks fatigued. Pacquiao is hurting him now.

    Pacquiao doesn’t even appear to be worried about Cotto’s strength. Pacquiao is putting on a spectacular performance.

    Round 9

    Pacquiao appears to be on the verge of a KO. Cotto is now holding Pacquiao after every big shot. I can’t believe Pacquiao’s strength at 145.

    Cotto’s face is bloodied and his will looks to be equally as damaged.

    Round 10

    A better effort from Cotto in this round. He threw more jabs and actually used some footwork.

    However, Pacquiao seemed to take much of the round off. Still, he looked like he still won the round with his controlled frenzies.

    Round 11

    Cotto just wants to finish the fight. Pacquiao is landing big shots in the corner midway through the round, but Cotto escapes.

    Cotto gets on his bicycle and the crowd boos. I think they don’t know he’s in the ring with perhaps the best fighter of his generation.

    Round 12

    Cotto doesn’t look inclined to fight and Pacquiao is frustrated. However, Pacquiao chases him down and after a big flurry, the referee steps in and stops the fight.

    Pacquiao wins by TKO.

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