Tyson Fury stops Deontay Wilder by 7th round TKO – here’s how it happened

In a follow-up to their 2018 thriller, undefeated heavyweights Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury did battle once again on Saturday night.

It turned out to be not much of a battle.

Fury dominated Wilder, capturing his WBC Heavyweight Championship belt in the process.

In fact, you could say, well …

Let’s have a look at how Fury pulled it off, beginning with his arrival:

Soon after, Wilder arrived.

One question, champ: WHERE CAN WE GET THAT JACKET?!

We’ll never get over that jacket, but we’ll move on for now.

Wilder looked ready to go.

As for Fury, he looked ready to go…to the club?

We all get loose in different ways.

As with any big fight, celebrities need their screen time.

Let’s see who else has made their way to Las Vegas:

The most feared heavyweight in history was also on-hand for tonight’s clash!

Speaking of fearsome…

That’s a scary sight. Wilder looked ready.

One of our guys was also ready.

Great seats, Cowherd.

The Gypsy King took the ring first:

Wilder arrived in style as well:

Look at that outfit!

The fight was on!

Round 1 was a feeling out process for the most part.

Consensus seemed to be that Fury landed the cleaner punches and took the round.

We were on to Round 2!

It was a better round for Wilder and both men were taking some punishment.

At the beginning of Round 3, Wilder went down.

We were into Round 4 and Wilder was trying to regain his composure after that big shot that sent him to the canvas a round ago.

Wilder survived the round on shaky legs and we were headed into the fifth.

The fifth round was underway and Fury was all over Wilder early.

Wilder went down on a straight shot in the middle of the round!

Fury lost a point in the fifth and it gave Wilder a much-needed break.

Round 6 was off and Fury was completely dominating.

This thing didn’t look like it was going to carry on much longer.

Yes, Fury licked blood off Wilder’s neck.

Shortly into Round 7 and Wilder’s corner threw in the towel…Fury was your winner by corner stoppage!

What an incredible performance by Fury.

After the fight, Wilder talked about the first loss of his professional career:

Fury – in true Fury fashion – ended his post-fight interview with a song:

And we followed him to his locker room, giving you an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look:

Congratulations to Tyson Fury on the decisive win. Truly, you are the king.