Cesaro def. Seth Rollins

April 10

In the biggest match of his nearly decade-long WWE career, Cesaro answered the call.

The Swiss Superman knocked off Seth Rollins in his first-ever singles match at The Show of Shows, seizing his WrestleMania moment.

Cesaro immediately looked to embarrass his foe in front of the WWE Universe with an encore performance of the 22 Swings he performed on SmackDown’s Savior back in February, but Rollins innovatively countered several attempts to evade embarrassment — temporarily.

Eventually Cesaro turned Rollins into a human merry-go-round, but Rollins’ earlier attacks on his arm forced The Swiss Superman to halt after nine trips with the Swing.

Rollins sought to make Cesaro “embrace the vision” with a superplex, Falcon Arrow and unique corkscrew splash, making a strong case for his recently self-minted title as “the new Mr. WrestleMania” on the stage he entered with a gaudy 6-2 record.

Cesaro responded resoundingly, though, countering a Stomp attempt with a massive uppercut before showcasing his strength with the UFO.

Then, it was time for Rollins to go for the ride again, and Cesaro spun him a dizzying 23 times before planting him with the Neutralizer for the landmark victory — his first at WrestleMania in seven years.

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