Ray will return from disable list Wednesday

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Diamondbacks manager Torey Lovullo announces lefty-hander Robbie Rat will return from an oblique injury to face the Marlins on Wednesday.

- I'll go and announce right now the Robbie's going to come back and join us on Wednesday, and he's going to start for us. So we had a ton of options. We had a lot of things that we walked through over the past 24 hours, since Clay's injury. And we decided that Robbie is obviously ready for this challenge.

He expressed to us that he was ready after the last rehab outing, and we've learned to trust Robbie because of what I've explained that he went through last year. But he was going to do what we asked. And then we decided that this was the right situation to pull him back and bring him on board on Wednesday to make our start.